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English Language Training

Business English
Training for employees or executives where English is the primary or secondary language used for any form of communication; in the workplace.

English for Specific Purposes: ESP
Training for employees or executives where English is needed in a specialist environment e.g. law, medicine, sales etc.
Cultural Intelligence
Focus on improving intercultural competence rather than solely concentrating on linguistic issues.
Cultural awareness for the learner who needs to use English professionally and socially both at home and abroad.

Our methodology - “Anytime, anywhere”
  • A triad meeting between the trainer, learner(s) and Human Resources is set up to define common goals.
  • A needs analysis for appropriate course design is also completed.
  • Aims and outcomes are defined according to needs analysis.
  • Learner's undertake an English Level Test to assess language and grammar capabilities.
  • The course material is constantly assessed to ensure relevance to the needs analysis, aims and outcomes.
  • Flexible training sessions are scheduled according to both the trainer´s and client´s availability.
  • Courses are designed around modern IT and communication technology.   

Seminaries & Workshops

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Lifestyle Workshops

Public speaking
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Corporate events
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